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Laat jouw stem horen 

George Hanks

My Parkinson's 

Is forever,so they say.

Is that rite hey!

Makes it difficult for me to write

But I shall never give up without a fight.

Lets type with two fingers,

Not quickly as my brain lingers.

Is for the young and old.

Comes for free,can't be sold.

Is causing my hair to thin,

No problem;it goes in the bin.

By no means is the end of my live

But is quite a burden for my wife.

Is a bit of a devil.

it plays havoc with my testoterone level.

Will never go away.

It's here to stay and with my feelings play.

Can be fun, but not for me,

But for other people,you see!

Stems from my broken hart.*

They  can never be apart.*

At times makes me feel so low.

Why did I deserve such a blow?

Is a disease that makes me freeze.

One day I wish it go with a breeze.

Makes me pace up and down at night.

Getting to sleep is one hell of a fight.

Has me staring into space,

Or so seems with my poker face.

Is a wheelchair that is waiting.

Thats Ok! ill be good at racing.

Is  cross to bear.

Now and then a tear.

Can also be a plus,

Because staying positif is a must.

Is an addiction to gambling ,alcohol and sex.

I already have two; I can't wait for the next!

It starts with a P and ends in an S.

What's in between makes a mess.

Is defenitelyhere to stay.

There is no solution, perhaps I should pray?






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