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 I was born on the 17th March 1967. in Ashford, Kent, England, UK. 

One of three children to Danny and Susan Blackmore.

I grew up in Kent later Moving to South London. Where I had a good education attending Wilderness school for boys passing with Good grades.

Work was varied, mostly in Recruitment.

I am Married to Sheila Blackmore since 2011,and have two children. I was Diagnosed. With Parkinson's Disease in August 2014. After a long Diagnosis where I was tested for MS, Wilson's disease, stroke, after which the Neurologist said he was not sure what was wrong with Me. He therefore elected to send me to one of his colleagues for Further investigation.

This process was about 1 year, from first seeing my original Neurologist. On the day of my appointment I remember feeling upbeat and feeling that today I would know what had been causing my symptoms.

The Neurologist came to the waiting room and called me. So I stood up and walked to him and he then told me to enter his office and sit down. He then proceeded to sit down him self and he looked at his notes looked up and said I must tell you that in my opinion you have Parkinson's Disease. So I was so shocked not at the Diagnosis but the Speed with which he did it. I asked him how he was so sure he had not even done any tests yet. He told me as you walked to me you had no Arm swing on your left side and you walked with a slight stoop, and when you Sat down your left hand began to Tremor. He said therefore these are the cardinal signs of Parkinson's. 

This Neurologist was a movement Disorder Specialist. Which means he has an additional two years training. Therefore my advice to Anyone who is undiagnosed with movement issues to try and see a Neurologist who specialises in movement Disorders. Know disrespect to my First Neurologist but if I I had been seen by a movement  disorder Specialist a year before I may have been Diagnosed.

Anyway my life since Diagnosis has been one of Change Obviously. I have good and Bad days like everyone with Parkinson's. That said with Medication I lead a good active life. Also I try to remain positive and don't focus on Parkinson's too much.

Since Diagnosis I have been fairly active in Fundraising and Media. I have been active in Radio work for the last eighteen months. I love meeting people and I have a life long love affair with soul, Jazz Funk, Smooth Jazz. And have been lucky since having more time to do the things I love. You could say unlucky Diagnosis but lucky path my life has taken since. I don't know how long I will be able to continue with Radio as it is a high functioning thing to do in terms of multi tasking concentration etc. My hope is many more years yet.

Anyway thank you for Reading this little snippet of my life. I look forward to maybe meeting you through Radio Parkie's I hope you like my Show and the taste in music I will be Sharing. My show will be on Thursdays 10am to 11am UK time.

Keep it Smooth DJ Smooth aka Sean. 


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