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Hello from Dj Pete (a.k.a.)

"  Dystonia Slayer  ",

 This is quite a family of Dj’s and I’m proud to be a part of the group. I was diagnosed with YOPD in 2006.

 I live in the north eastern state of Connecticut in the U.S.A. In a region called New England. By car, I’m aproximatly one and a half hours from Boston and two and a half from New York City. I live with my wife of 20 years and our dog Ringo. Ringo is a Tibetan Spaniel, which is a small breed 15 Lbs or 6.8 Kg. We have twin grand children that live close by with their parents. Or maybe I should say our daughter lives close by with her partner and children.

 I am a member of CAP, Connecticut Advocates for Parkinson’s a local YOPD support group. I am the CAP team captain for the Parkinson’s Unity Walk. Unity Walk - Annual Fundraising Walk in Central Park NYC To Raise Money For Research into Parkinson’s Disease.

 The CAP support group works hard at staying active. If you have PD or you know anyone with PD you know it takes us 5 times longer to do the same thing a person without PD can complete it in. My point being that from the outside we look like we’re not getting anything done. However the amount of effort we are putting in is never seen. You have to feel it. Ha,ha. This group is very active in recruiting PWP’s for clinical trials. It is in the minds eye of our charter to be apart of the solutions to this life altering affliction.

 A PD friend of mine said one day. "Of all the neurological diseases out there we have the best one". This made me laugh at the thought of people without PD actively working to get into our club. Not falling on deff ears I realized it all depends in how you "LIVE WITH IT”.


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