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Hello from Australia
 I was born 1965, Brisbane Australia, the youngest of five children, Brisbane has a sub tropical climate and have the opposite of  seasons to the Northern Hemisphere.
I live with my husband and three daughters, two cats and Indy the Kerry Blue Terrier who sometimes comments on my radio show.
Diagnosed with PD in 2012, I decided after the initial shock to embrace now and enjoy the present. To do new things and make a difference is really important. I started a support group called Young at Park, Brisbane, its for all ages, we go out for meals, walks and other activities like Dance for Parkinsons, ballet performances and theatre.
Retired from work to concentrate on my health and enjoy the good things in life like: family, friends, music, creating handmade arts and crafts. Having time to travel and experience the world where we live is a gift.
Being a DJ on RadioParkies is so unexpected and very exciting, I enjoy alternative music, rock and roll, indie folk music, classics.  Special guests on my program share a brief insight to their connection with Parkinson's, and I hope it's inspiring, interesting and informative.
Themed shows include: Show Tunes, UK music of the 70's, Aussie, Tribute....Please send any requests or if you would like to be a guest on the show, email to

Please join me for something different. 

Let your voice be heard.

DJ Madonna

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