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Dj Gary

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  I was diagnosed with YOPD in 2000 at the age of 38.
I wrote a book in 2011 call " My Life after Parkinson's" (which is no longer available)
I headed up a Non-profit for raising money for various Parkinson's groups for 5 yrs.
Had DBS Surgery in 2013
Had to retire from my job in 2015, due to Parkinson's
I am married and have two children.
I love music! There is a song for every mood, every occasion and being a product of 70's and 80's, and growing up in the melancholy of the Midwest , which is where my sense of humor was also developed, and moving around the country has exposed me to a lot of varied music. I hope I can bring an occasional smile to everyone's face with my song selections.
DJ Gary

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