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Dj David

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David Sangster, Bolton, UK.

Hello there!

Diagnosed with Parkinson’s at the age of just 29, I am now five years in to my journey with this lifelong condition.

The music ‘most played’ on my smartphone:

Coldplay ‘The Scientist’

Bruce Springsteen ‘Racing in the Street’

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers ‘Free Fallin’

You will have to tune in to find out about the rest!

My personal thoughts on Parkinson’s:

It's barely after midnight, Jane is fast asleep and I find myself unable to wind down. To be honest, this is nothing new.. As you may know from personal experience; people with Parkinson's tend to have problems sleeping. We are nocturnal creatures. Tonight is no different; physically I feel pretty bad. I'm struggling to find a comfortable position to just sit and when I try to move it feels like I simply cannot - at first thought.You see, when you want to move (with Parkinson’s), if it be to just scratch your nose or even turn over in bed, people with Parkinson's gradually lose the ability to initiate slight movements such as these. Words cannot describe how much of a physically and often emotionally challenging feat this is (particularly at a time like this - long after my medication has worn off, as I give my body and brain a welcome break from medication).Basically, with Parkinson’s, the small things become big.

Advocacy and Parkinson’s:

‘Let’s sing, whistle or hum the same tune together! Together, we are louder!’

I recently read about the number of ‘decibels’ the Parkinson’s community arguably generates in blogs, social media etc - basically as a 'patient voice'.

This got me thinking about my part in the collective 'noise' that is 'Parkinson's awareness' and the reasons why I have invested so much of my time, effort and energy (1000kw of kinetic energy to be precise - generated solely by dyskinesia). 

Our role as the 'patient' is to engage with our Parkinson's (while we physically CAN), to talk about it with other patients (to support and to educate) and most important: to shout, sing or just whistle your part in what is, and always will be, the collective noise that is raising awareness to make life easier for us all and to encourage more patients to join us.

The show:

Tune in to my show to hear the many different personal perspectives on PD in my ‘Parkie Chat’ feature. Guests also select two tracks to be played during the show and explain why they chose them. ‘Cover song of the week’: good or bad - you decide! Plus ‘Guess the Year Triple play’ where you can take part and tweet me your best guess! (no cheating!) The show will also feature ’Heidi’s mid-week motivator’ and lots of music trivia along the way!








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