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Mr J(P)G
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I've a dog called Scooby whom I dotingly care

A mix match of a hound with Yorkie Terrier hair

Quite calm but gets vocal when things pass by

Off he bloody goes again my wife or I will sigh

Learned lots of tricks to make us fetch a treat

Brown eyes staring as head laid upon my feet

Ten years still wonder who is in charge of who

Dog trainers seethe another owner has no clue

Of course and I should lower my very red face

I try but he makes it a complete hopeless case

Lays on my chest licks my face wagging his tail

Mind in a happier place as my thoughts set sail

Even when this ParkyD's really getting me down

He cuddles close returns my smile from a frown


ParkyD is horrible and makes the journey tough and the future scary but life doesn't have to end as ParkyD begins. "How can we start a new chapter of life, if we keep re-reading the previous one".

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