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Mr J(P)G
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Hello to All, I first noticed tremors in 2006 and diagnosed in 2009. Skip to 2015 as for 6 years just coped and not dealt with, took meds but ignored otherwise. Things finally caught up and got on top of me and I realised that I needed support and advice as my family and work were been affected. I finally contacted my PD Nurse who set the wheels in motion and was referred to some specialists and joined Parkinson's UK charity. It has been a roller coaster year and a half but I have accepted I have ParkyD, scared of it, hate it yes but have it and nothing can change that so my life has to involve and work with & around this cocndition.

I have and will continue to be a glass is half full person. I have down moments, make mistakes (quite a lot) but try to be positive and be of a friendly disposititon. I have been a sidelines person outside of my friends and family. The loudest if you know me but the quietest if you don't or was. Since accepting PD I have started to Dare a bit more, writing predominatley and putting it out there to be commented on, giving my opinion to wider audiance and basically been me but to more. Even attempting a 60 mile bike ride, my pesonal battle with PD.

One thing that has changed is my trying to hide my PD from myself and from those who are part of my life who I thought I was protecting or just passing through who I didn't want to make feel uncomfortable but really was myself I was protecting and feeling uncomfortable. We come as a pair and people will choose how they will with us. Which has brought to me to where I'am now. I love humour and having a laugh and joke and is how I deal with my condition. I can appear to go a bit too far but I do and shall suffer from it so I will continue to deal with in my own way. I also want to try help and do more to raise awareness of PD and it's many symptoms.

I hope this doesn't appear self indulgent as  fully aware how fortunate I'am but just wanted to say life doesn't have to end with this condition and we can still make the best job of what we have. I consider myself so fortunate to have had the support available to me as know it is not the same everywhere and so many places it is ignored. I know what you have to deal with but not how you have to deal with it but hopefully with sites such as this things can hopefullly start to change.

Mr J(P)G


ParkyD is horrible and makes the journey tough and the future scary but life doesn't have to end as ParkyD begins. "How can we start a new chapter of life, if we keep re-reading the previous one".

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