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Mr J(P)G
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Since diagnoses of ParkyD I have seen many doors close with friends, lifestyle and work. Sadly this is inevitable as our condition is a degenarative one and people can find this hard to deal with as our bodies decline. Obviously it's ok for us as we just have to live with and experience the symptoms. With lifestyle and work we eventually have to admit that we need to make adjustments to progress..

As with all things in life there are opposites and I count myself lucky to still know some  clued up people who still see me as me. We know ParkyD takes away alot but we can also use it to open new doors and try new things. I have started to try and write as love words and one genre is poetry. Nothing special but do enjoy trying. These 3 poems are views on the changes ParkyD will have an effect on

A Beginning

Eyes once closed

See now opportunity

Steps never taken

Fall in front of me

Body slowly declining

Mind still working

Fear is heightened

Living never the same

Amongst the pain

A difference awoken

Taking a risk

Dreams no longer bound

Small but big

Parky has set free

Changes it brings

Not just physically

Inner me now living

Suppression discarded

Poems, comedy, writing

Body challenging cycling

2017 will be completed

future goals on agenda

Hate this parky always

No regrets just I dare

A Journey

Word’s wondrous stage engaged

Scenery ignored casually grazed

Sprinting through new seen land

Care of sanctuary hand in hand


Door opening shows paths waiting

Blinkered sight sadness creating

Hearts sorrow unwittingly caused

Teardrop falls slow down paused


Vast expanse my heart shares for all

Wisdom saves from potential fall

Captain steers epic voyage so wise

Understanding invites compromise


Excitement existing in everything

Past Present Future song to sing

Gratefully blessed much to care

Whirlwind forever journey to share.


An Ending

Stay a minute old friend

Sharing company all I ask

Converse casually with me

Not such a demanding task


Eyes like windows revealing

How uncomfortable you feel

Spare a thought for me

Dealt worst hand of the deal


Shaking arms are all you see

A symptom of my condition

Shift uneasily upon your feet

Escape your solitary mission


Conversations I can still hold

Listen and you’ll understand 

Instead look around nervously

Like possession of contraband


Your vision is darkly clouded

Parkinson’s and all it causes

Frustration develops in me

More than shakes and pauses


Departing say keep fighting

Paths cross in future accidentally

Laughing and joking no longer

I’m still me and forever will be


ParkyD is horrible and makes the journey tough and the future scary but life doesn't have to end as ParkyD begins. "How can we start a new chapter of life, if we keep re-reading the previous one".

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