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Ups and Downs


My life is full of ups and downs

I need to level out these mounds

It’s the people who have power you see

Wish they would leave my company

They control our actions

And cause multiple reactions

Within my spirit forever strong

In this box I don’t belong

This native of the wild and free

I am a warrior of PD

With passions like the wildest storm

You think I wonder from the norm

But I must try right the wrong

This is a job for the strong

Like ants struggling with a grain of sand

We join together hand in hand

Each carrying out a minute deed

And hoping that it will feed

Grain by grain

And with much pain

Our foundation strong and deep

No time to weep

Our meds are keeping us in function mode

But they also have another role

Us they pacify

The drug makers they justify

But graves are approaching fast

We cannot let this situation last

The situation is profit verus health

Drug companies make profit with much stealth

Deprived of lives by people who benefit for our illness

This has to change

We must arrange

These matters with more care

We need the odds to be fair

The NHS is there for our benefit

This is where our meds would fit

In the hands of those who care

Not in the hands of those who take a share

Of the profit from our illness

My plea is for you to join us

Pick up a grain of sand

And join the band

Or PD warriers

Break down the barriers

Of lies and torment

We have no time to relent

The rules must change

We can arrange

Our way forward

Enough of the platitudes

We have a latitude

That is all wrong

Join in my song

To put right the wrong


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